Dear Ben Matlock… (4-14-23)

Two well written and researched letters to Ben Matlock, the Planning Manager/City Planner of Yucaipa, listing the various aspects where the people in charge in City Hall are ignoring or misinterpreting California’s laws and Yucaipa’s own ordinances in favor of developers’ desire of building up Yucaipa on a fast track.

By now it is an open secret that the majority of the City Council, Plannings Commission, as well as the new City Manager, his new team, and unfortunately including Ben Matlock are staunchly pro-development, have a disregard for citizens’ pleas for reason, moderation, and consideration and seem to have no intention of following the rules as mandated by California’s laws and Yucaipa’s own ordinances.

These letters are another testament to the people of Yucaipa who despite being dismissed, deceived, and singled out for speaking up, are choosing the high road of dialogue. Most constituents of Yucaipa are level-headed individuals who are not against development and growth, but for a development that is thoughtful, abides the law, and benefits everybody not just a few get-rich-quick individuals and their businesses.

Read Pierre Assaf's or Matt and Lynda Underwood's letter to Ben Matlock and see for yourself.

Your Friends of the North Bench