City Council Election gets ugly!

Matt Garner gets increasingly desperate during his run for City Council and sends out flyers with negative ads, spreading untruths, and divisive messages.

Matt Garner uses negative ads and spreads lies in his flyers

Matt Garner and those who want him elected must be increasingly desperate because his campaign machine started sending out deceptive and untruthful flyers to North Bench residents according to their political affiliation. The various mailings have completely different messages, are full of blatant lies, and take Yucaipa citizens for fools. In his mailings he attacks the other candidates with baseless and false claims and accusations that would rather be applicable to him. The amount of money that his campaign spends for this campaign is mind boggling: Matt Garner’s signs are all across Yucaipa - not just in district #1 - and they outnumber those of every other candidate hands down, he also sent the largest number of flyers to residents. All this costs money, a lot of money. It is no stretch to assume that the funds come from entities that will benefit immensely if he gets elected. It is also no secret who those entities are, they are the developers and affiliates who want to turn the North Bench and Yucaipa into the next run-of-the-mill city between here and LA, where every bit of open space that is buildable, littered with monotonous cluster houses and commercial development.

Debunking Matt Garner’s lies:

  • Garner is the worst choice for anybody, independent of party affiliation because he lies, deceives, polarizes, and publicly stated his bias and that he despises anybody who is not thinking along his ideas, especially democrats.
  • On one of his fliers he posed with an automatic rifle with an illegal high-capacity magazine , this is not exactly what a law-abiding citizen looks like. Especially not one who wants to be elected for public office.
  • On one flyer he claims that Sherilyn Long is supported by “Liberal Democrats” and on the other flier by “Trump supporters”. It cannot be both, as this would be an either-or case of two extremes. Sherilyn Long is a reasonable moderate Republican who appeals to many in the middle of the political spectrum.
  • When Matt Garner says that he is endorsed by trusted leaders, he means that he is supported by Bobby Duncan who has had a string of controversy himself. For instance, for being in the national news as gun toting member of City Council in Yucaipa, his staunch support for any development in Yucaipa, -against the will of the people in Yucaipa,- or his defiance to recuse himself for deciding on any matters that directly or indirectly benefit him financially.
  • The list goes on, just compare his flyers, what he claims that he stands for, and what he has said in the past.

Matt Garner’s mailings:

The mailer for registered Republcans

The mailer for registered Democtrats