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4-17-2023 - 5:00PM City Council Meeting, Agenda, Package City Hall, 34272 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa
4-19-2023 - 6:30PM Planning Commission Agenda, Package City Hall, 34272 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa

Current Events

This is the main page for our cause. We will list projects, development, and issues that we are watching here, all according to our vision and goals to keep Yucaipa and the North Bench beautiful free from Urban Sprawl. - Letís hope this will always be a short list.

We will post public comments that we receive under the respective Current Event sections. Public comments that touch on more than one topic or that are generic but relevant to what happens in Yucaipa will be posted on the General Public Section page.

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This section of our website is dedicated to analysis, interpretations, and opinions about complicated and sometimes confusing information that is spread, often to distract and to hide the real intent of actions and measures. We invite everybody who has some insights into what is happening and why in Yucaipa as well as good intent to submit their essays and we will post them along our groupís articles. Each essay can be anonymous.

As usually, please be factual and courteous, but name things and issues as they are, because there no need for euphemisms.

Yucaipa Wine Country Specific Plan


The Wine Country Specific Plan (aka AVA plan) is a disaster in disguise. What had started out as a good idea to create some standards for vineyards, had morphed into a full-blown assault on our open space, particular the North Bench. The General Plan of Yucaipa, the guiding document for city planning and development, was finished in 2016; it is designed to provide directions for Yucaipa for 20 years. The Wine Country Specific Plan is supposed to override the General Plan for basically the entire North Bench! The intention is to create clusters of high-density housing, surrounded by vineyards.

If the plan gets approved, then there will be 1091 additional houses in the North Bench! - We invite you to imagine this for a moment, the consequences are dramatic. We are not going to list all potential problems in this e-mail but invite you to read up on them on our web page. Many concerned neighbors have already expressed their worries in letters to City Council or public comments at meetings.

Planned Development below Yucaipa Ridge Road


A developer is trying to get a variance to the General Plan approved, that would let them build 51 single family houses on ľ acre lots in an area that is zoned for one acre minimum.

City Council Meeting on Sept. 12th

Yucaipa City Council Election - Analysis - Nov. 2022

Endorsement of the Friends of the North Bench

District #1: Sherilyn Long
District #2: Nena Dragoo