Showdown at Serrano Estates (4-16-2023)

Tomorrow, Monday April 17th, there will be a special City Council meeting, starting at 5PM. This is an important meeting, as City Council is going to decide if the proposed high-density development in the rural living zone (Serrano Estates) is getting approved or denied.

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Dear Ben Matlock… (4-14-23)

Two well written and researched letters to Ben Matlock, the Planning Manager/City Planner of Yucaipa, listing the various aspects where the people in charge in City Hall are ignoring or misinterpreting California’s laws and Yucaipa’s own ordinances in favor of developers’ desire of building up Yucaipa on a fast track.

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The amazing rise of Chris Mann (4-3-2023)

Dozens of questions have been brought up since that “remarkable” City Council meeting on January 9th, but they were either left unanswered or resulted in dismissive, deflecting, or arrogant replies from our city representatives and city staff. These are the very people who are notably elected or paid by us and who should act in Yucaipa’s best interest but instead ...

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Why we should care about Chris Mann’s contract (3-13-2023)

How a City Manager performs his job is dictated by the contract he signs when he is hired. He is in charge of all day-to-day business of the City. Why is it important to know what it his contract says, or better yet, why should you care what it says? This contract matters because it limits what he can and cannot do.

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So much for increasing our trust… (3-12-2023)

Response to News Mirror article of 3/10/2023
In this week’s News Mirror, there is an article about the background investigation of Chris Mann, the new City Manager of Yucaipa.
The article’s self-described purpose was to reestablish trust in the authorities. The text did also include lengthy sections describing how great Chris Mann is and how Yucaipa is going to benefit from his leadership.

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The Price of Complacency (2-27-2023)

How Yucaipa became entrenched with cronyism, opportunism, and a free-for-all of forces who are out to make a buck at the cost of the citizens of Yucaipa, its resources, and its beautiful surroundings.

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KQLH 92.5 broadcasting Yucaipa Speaks! (2-8-2023)

KQLH is presenting a special series called Yucaipa Speaks!
This Thursday, February 9th will be its first edition at 5PM in the afternoon.
At the last City Council meeting, various concerned citizens and Yucaipa dignitaries were addressing the unexpected exit or retirement of Yucaipa’s City Manager and City Attorney, as well as the mayor’s and two city council members’ unilateral hiring of Chris Mann as the new City Manager apparently without proper vetting.

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What is next, DuncanVille?! (1-30-2023)

We usually fact check information we receive and only post material that originates from verifiable sources and we believe to be most likely true. However, recent events are forcing us to be more aggressive because the speed with which bad things are happening to our town is increasing dramatically and the potential damage is huge.

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A Hostile Takeover of Yucaipa? (1-16-2023)

Many of us are still in shock and disbelief about what happened at the first City Council meeting of 2023, on Monday, Jan 9th: Ray Casey, our City Manager for 14 years, and David Snow, our City Attorney, were fired without cause and despite many pleas from prominent Yucaipa luminaries not to do so.

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New attempt to develop Yucaipa Ridge Road area (1-7-2023)

The developers submitted another proposal for the development of the 51 acres East of Yucaipa Ridge Road. The plan is very similar to the previous proposal and the changes insignificant.
Read the letter of the developers to the immediate neighbors.
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Elections 2022 and their Implications (11-20-2022)

The elections of our City Council are over, and the course for Yucaipa is set for the coming years, at least to a certain degree. What does this mean for the city and its citizens, and what can you do to influence that direction?

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City Council Election gets ugly! (11-5-2022)

Matt Garner gets increasingly desperate during his run for City Council and sends out flyers with negative ads, spreading untruths, and divisive messages.

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Senate Bill 9 Explained – Wine and North Bench (11-4-2022)

Sherilyn Long interviewed Kevin Miskin, a Senior Principal Engineer and PE, about interpreting SB 9 (California Senate Bill #9), his assessment of the proposed Wine Country Specific Plan, and the consequences for the North Bench and Yucaipa, should the plan be approved.

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Wine Country Specific Plan affects now entire North Bench!

The initial area that was to be affected by the Wine Country Specific Plan was already over 1000 acres in size, the latest proposal triples that area including the entire North Bench.

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Petition to Protect the North Bench from High-Density Development

One of our neighbors has started a petition with the goal to drum up support for keeping Yucaipa a great place to live with a rural character at the city boundaries. We support this initiative, so please download the PDF petition, and ask your neighbors to sign it. Here is a map that shows the sheer size of the proposed plan. You do not need to live in the North Bench, but in the greater Yucaipa area. If a petition sheet is full send it to:

Petition Address

Address: 34272 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399