When talking to neighbors or reading planning documents we realized that there is a lot of confusion about the terms used and their definition and meaning. These texts are often littered with acronyms, technical or legal terms that are hard to understand if the reader is not an expert. On this page we have added a list of the most commonly used and important terms and explanation what they mean.

If you find terms that you would like to have added to the list, please let us know and we will research and post them.

The final portion of this page is dedicated to debunking myths or straight out lies.

Questions & Answers

What is an ADU?

What other State Laws affect this plan?

Why arenít micro-vineyards counted against the total housing numbers?

Are there standards for Tasting Rooms?

Will agriculture plantings allow people to walk around them?

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Myths (Busted!)

If the developers do not get their way, then Yucaipa will be overrun by ADUs

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