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Why we should care about Chris Mann’s contract (3-12-2023) (3-13-2023)

How a City Manager performs his job is dictated by the contract he signs when he is hired. He is in charge of all day-to-day business of the City. Why is it important to know what it his contract says, or better yet, why should you care what it says? This contract matters because it limits what he can and cannot do.

So much for increasing our trust… (3-12-2023)

In this week’s News Mirror, there is an article about the background investigation of Chris Mann, the new City Manager of Yucaipa. The article’s self-described purpose was to reestablish trust in the authorities. The text did also include lengthy sections describing how great Chris Mann is and how Yucaipa is going to benefit from his leadership.

The Price of Complacency (2-27-2023)

How Yucaipa became entrenched with cronyism, opportunism, and a free-for-all of forces who are out to make a buck at the cost of the citizens of Yucaipa, its resources, and its beautiful surroundings.

What is next, DuncanVille?! (1-30-2023)

We usually fact check information we receive and only post material that originates from verifiable sources and we believe to be most likely true. However, recent events are forcing us to be more aggressive because the speed with which bad things are happening to our town is increasing dramatically and the potential damage is huge.

A Hostile Takeover of Yucaipa? (1-16-2023)

Many of us are still in shock and disbelief about what happened at the first City Council meeting of 2023, on Monday, Jan 9th: Ray Casey, our City Manager for 14 years, and David Snow, our City Attorney, were fired without cause and despite many pleas from prominent Yucaipa luminaries not to do so.