Call for Action

How can you help?

There are a variety of ways that you can help, because you have more power than you think! Below are some suggestions how you can get actively involved and have a real impact.

Important: Whatever you decide to do to help remember to be civil, respectful, and non-confrontational. Stick to the facts. It is easy to get emotional and loose one’s temper, but this rarely helps. Please also refrain from personal attacks, this is about issues and in general not about people. We have all seen where this leads to when players start playing dirty.

Let’s foster a positive discussion, let’s unmask untrue statements and call out individuals who are attempting to deceive others. There will be disagreement about issues and maybe heated arguments but remember that in the end most of us have similar values and needs, just the way to achieve them is sometimes different. They are still your fellow neighbors, citizens, and fellows.

Write a letter to your city representative (Council Member)

You can write a letter directly to members of the City Council. Each member is listed here the address of City Hall is:

Yucaipa City Hall
c/o "Name of City Council Memer"
34272 Yucaipa Blvd.
Yucaipa, CA 92399

Call you your city representative (Council Member)

You can also call any members of the City Council; the phone numbers are:

  • Justin Beaver, Mayor, District 4, 909-797-2489, 505
  • Bobby Duncan, Mayor Pro Tem, District 3, 909-797-2489, 503
  • Matt Garner, Council Member, District 1, 909-797-2489, 506
  • Chris Venable, Council Member, District 2, 909-797-2489,502
  • Jon Thorp, Council Member, District 5, 909-797-2489, 504

  • If they are not picking up their phone, then please leave a message

    Come to the next Council meeting and speak up

    If you want and can speak to a topic at a regular City Council meeting, then you can do so:

  • Come prepared maybe 30’ before the meeting
  • Register with the city clerk before the meeting
  • You will have 3’ to talk, stating your name and where you live at the beginning

  • Talk to your neighbors and friends

    Another great way to get active is to engage your neighbors and friends in discussions and get them interested what is going on in Yucaipa.

    Ask to City to inform you what is going on

    If you are a North Bench Resident or not, you can send the City of Yucaipa an envelope with address labels of yourself and ask to send you any information pertaining to areas of your interest, such as the Yucaipa Ridge Road Development (or any other developments in the city)

    Post messages on NextDoor or FaceBook

    If you are “fluent” with social media, this is another route to voice your opinion

    Walk the North Bench and convince yourself of its beauty

    We invite you to walk, bike, jog, or ride any of the many beautiful open spaces and recreational areas in Yucaipa. It is worth doing as you will see for yourself what we are fighting for to be protected. Yucaipa has some nice maps, and the trails and open space committee has a great guide to the local trails.

    Send us an e-mail with your concerns, questions, or initiatives

    We will post every message that we get, but it must adhere to our values, be civil, and contribute to the discussion. That is, we will moderate the messages that we get. For each section of our Current Events page there will be a place for public comment, which is so that the comments are nicely grouped per topic.


    If there are issues that you are concerned about (and that fall within our values and goals) but that are not yet listed, please let us know and we will evaluate if this is an appropriate outlet.

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